Remembering the life of prolific McKellar artist.

Exhibition of works of Bert Weir now on display, says Joyce Hopkins

Joyce Hopkins

Parry Sound North Star

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Throughout the months of April and May, there will be an exhibition in the Trestle Brewery tap room showing the paintings of senior Canadian artist Bert Weir. 

A longtime resident of McKellar until his death in March of 2018 at 92 years of age, Weir painted and sketched every day until he could no longer hold a pencil. A prolific artist, his life’s work depicts the northern wilderness in Ontario. Weir was at home spiritually and physically amid nature.

Weir’s mother ran an art camp in McKellar that attracted world class artists to the township. Weir himself was a well-respected teacher and encouraged many to pursue their passion.

In his younger days, he also worked with the Boy Scouts and coached the McKellar Wildcats hockey team. The first straw bale house in McKellar was built by Weir and wife Joy Allan and is the home of Loon Studios.

The Evelyn Watkins Moore Heritage Museum has a great deal of information on the history of Bert Weir and examples of his work. After enjoying lunch amid Weir’s paintings, make plans to visit McKellar’s museum this summer to learn more about this incredible artist.