1. restore (an area of land) to its natural uncultivated state

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Teslin’s Flowers, 2010 #0002011 Oil on Canvas 56 by 71 cm

In 2002 Bert moved with Joy Allan, his second wife, to a 10-acre piece of land located outside the small community of McKellar, 20 km. from Parry Sound.  Determined to live as environmentally responsibly as possible they built a solar powered straw bale house and studio. Bert wanted to give back to the natural world and decided to let the land rewild itself. The ten acres their home was situated on had previously been farmed and Bert made it his purpose to spend his later years observing and documenting, through his painting, this re-wilding progression.

Back Field Boulder, 2010 #0002067 Oil on Canvas 76 by 92 cm

In time, Bert allowed one pathway to be cut through the meadow grass as he became wheel chair bound, so that he could take his scooter on to the property to paint, but that was it. All else was left to grow and die with little or no human intervention.  He would go out daily into the field as weather allowed. Joy would follow with his “outdoor studio”. A wheelbarrow converted to a portable painting studio.  Bert would spend his day observing and painting. 

Summer Heat, 2010 #0001999 Oil on Canvas 41 by 41cm

Bert’s re-wilding paintings of 2010 to 2014 can be broken into two main series, Summer Grasses and Bush Wall.  The Summer Grasses series were painted with Bert sitting amongst the tall wild field plants. The Bush Wall series consists of paintings of the trees as they advanced into the previously cleared field.

Alders late Summer, 2012 #0002242 Oil on Canvas 76 by 76cm
Autumn Grasses, 2012 #0002247 Oil on Canvas 150 by 91 cm

Time Lapse Photography of Bert Weir painting Summer Grasses