September 2020

Alan Torok Recipient of the Bert Weir Commission Memorial Award presented by Whispering River Orchestra is interviewed regarding his composition Morning at the Bushwall.

#02245 Bushwall, 2012 Oil on Canvas

Whispering River Bert Weir Memorial Commission

2019 Recipient Composer Diane Berry writes October Blaze.

October Blaze #001472 1976 diptych, oil on canvas H213cm. x L2.66meters Collection of Art Gallery of Sudbury

Two elements of Bert Weir’s work caught my eye, the vibrant colours and the movement within each painting. I found myself coming back to “October Blaze”.  He had captured that last burst of colour that comes before the winter sets in, so beautifully.  I knew that finding the harmonies to match those colours, recreating the movement in the painting in the music and capturing that ‘October’ feeling would be a wonderful and exciting challenge for me. 

Diane Berry

Diane Berry grew up in Toronto, and graduated from the music program at York University.  Her work includes pieces for small chamber ensembles, student chorus, orchestra, and string quartet and has been performed in Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Kamloops, Halifax and Toronto.  In 2018 she was commissioned to write “Gaslight 1904” for Open Doors Milwaukee, and “October Blaze” for the Whispering River Strings in Parry Sound, Ontario. That same year she had her European debut with her piece or solo flute and electronics, “Calling” in Dublin, Ireland.  She is an associate of the CMC, the CLC, and the Association of Canadian Women Composers

Music performed by and presented with the permission of the Whispering River Orchestra, a project of the Ardeleana Chamber Music Society.

Memories of Northern Ontario artist Bert Weir

An artist who dedicated his life to painting the northern landscape is being remembered fondly in Sudbury. 

Bert Weir, who was based in Parry Sound, died recently at the age of 92. The curator at the Art Gallery of Sudbury Demetra Christakos says his paintings of the bush just shimmer. 

She spoke about Bert Weir with the CBC’s Kate Rutherford.

April 3, 2018

Bert Weir Painting

A two day time-lapse video of Bert Weir painting an oil canvas from his series Summer Grasses. The Summer Grasses series was produced en plein air in the fields behind the McKellar Studio between 2010 and 2013.

Video Production by Joy Allan. Summer 2013 6.52min.

People Patterns: Four Artists, Two Couples

From the Archives of TVOntario.

This program profiles two artistic couples: saxophonist Paul Brodie and fibre artist Rima Brodie, and artist Bert Weir and sculptor Elena Zebrauskaite Weir. They discuss the creative process, the importance of environment to their work, and the ways in which art and marriage have intertwined to strengthen each other.  

Aired June 7, 1989

Producer  Director Joan Reid-Olsen

28.54 min

Sketches of Our Town

Beaver Creek Pictures 1985

Section on Loon Studios with Bert Weir and Elena Zebrauskaite-Weir

9:06 min to 12 min