Bert Weir Painting

A two day time-lapse video of Bert Weir painting an oil canvas from his series Summer Grasses.

The Summer Grasses series was produced en plein air in the fields behind the McKellar Studio between 2010 and 2013.

Video Production by Joy Allan.

Filmed summer 2013.

People Patterns: Four Artists, Two Couples

From the Archives of TVOntario.

This program profiles two artistic couples: saxophonist Paul Brodie and fibre artist Rima Brodie, and artist Bert Weir and sculptor Elena Zebrauskaite Weir. They discuss the creative process, the importance of environment to their work, and the ways in which art and marriage have intertwined to strengthen each other.  

Aired June 7, 1989

Producer  Director Joan Reid-Olsen