Spirit Landscape

#00257 1987 142 cm. x 182 cm. oil on canvas       

Private Collection

University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario

St. Clair College, Windsor Ontario

Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

Burrows Business Machines, Toronto, Ontario

West Parry Sound District Museum

Moore Corporation, Toronto, Ontario

Weir and Folds, Toronto, Ontario

Matheson – Wilson Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Amberly Investments Management Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Laurentian University Museum & Arts Centre, Sudbury, Ontario

Ontario Northland Railway, North Bay, Ontario

Zucker Collection, Hamilton, Ontario

Rosenberg Collection

West Parry Sound Board of Education, Parry Sound, Ontario

North Bay Court House, North Bay, Ontario

West Parry Sound District Health Centre, Parry Sound, Ontario

Ministry of Government Services, Sudbury, Ontario

Redpath Collection, North Bay, Ontario

W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, Ontario

Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement Bd., Toronto, Ontario

S.K. and A. Strategic Communications Inc., Ottawa, Ontario

Peel Art Gallery, Peel, Ontario

Timmins Museum & National Exhibition Centre, Timmins, Ontario

The Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

Maclaren Art Centre, Barrie, Ontario

Parry Sound Station Gallery, Parry Sound, Ontario

C.D.C. Oil and Gas, Calgary, Alberta