Most of my life I have worked as a 3 dimensional artist. I studied weaving, metal work, and woodworking at the Ontario College of Art. I worked as a floral designer for 3 years, and then spent 20 years making props at the Stratford Festival Theatre. During that time, I took a couple of semesters at Sheridan College learning to blow glass. We also learned to make stained glass but the 'flat work' did not entice me until I moved to Byng Inlet with nowhere to set up my glass blowing equipment. 

I started working in Parry Sound for a company which required a working knowledge of computers and found that I loved using them (I have always enjoyed puzzles). Combining that with a new digital camera brought a whole new world of photography. Being able to work with the pictures without a darkroom was pure freedom.

Bert Weir and I have worked together to publish some books (Joyful Loons Publishing), combining computer and traditional techniques.

Another experiment was back to paper and pencil and then computer; creating mandalas.

My latest venture is into working with porcupine quills, making quill boxes with quills, birch bark and sweet grass.


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