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The Art of Bert Weir

Author: Lisa Daniels

Published in 2010 by Titanium White Editions, 209 8th Avenue, Calgary  AB  T2M 0A7.

96 pages printed on 80 lb. smooth paper. 84 paintings in full colour. $45.00 CDN

Font is Tycho Pro.

ISBN# 978-0-9730489-1-9.

Available from Loon Studios, RR#1, S12, C45, Parry Sound, ON  P2A 2W7


    "This twenty year period could easily be characterized as his most mature and prolific, and reveals Weir’s willingness to let his intense joy for the act of painting lead the way. A tumbling, churning, musical rhythm characterizes this body of work and reveals his physical engagement in the process. Evident throughout is Weir’s mature understanding of colour and design which affords him a certain freedom in execution. His technical handling of the structural compositions ensures that the viewer is able to locate order amidst the progressively ethereal, often chaotic portrayal of the spiritual elements in nature that Weir is committed to expressing."


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